Nice to meet you! My name is Elina

I am a founder of Lash Secrets Studio & Academy.
Throughout over 8 years of lashing I have experienced all sorts of issues
myself (you name it!), which is mainly due to low standards of education in our industry. I have spent years practicing, experimenting, researching and creating techniques that WORK & I have also attended over 35 courses with world's TOP trainers to keep my work & education at the highest Russian standard.

My courses are based on science and facts & are famous for their in-depth explanations & huge amounts of new information (that has most likely never been covered in your previous training)! I don't only teach techniques , but I also help to understand their logic and processes behind them. I know that together we can take our industry to a whole new level! Are you with us?

My mission now is to pass all my knowledge, experience & techniques to YOU and to save you from going through the same mistakes and failures as I did

ONLINE education

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20 Factors that will either make or break your retention!
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20 Factors that will either make or break your retention!
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20 Factors that will either make or break your retention!
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Dear students, you often recommend my courses to your colleagues and friends! Some do it personally, some on Instagram and some in lash groups!

I really appreciate it, and so my team and I figured out how to thank you for your recommendations! We organised a PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMME where you can earn real money from your recommendations!

what's behind the course:

Student results

You can achieve this too!

I am proud to say that I have taught over 5000 students from 104 countries all over the world, including well known trainers, brand owners and top lash stylists. Click on the carousel to view some of my student case studies!

- I have taught over 5000 students offline & online from 104 countries around the world!

- Created my own ultra fast 3 - 5 second fanning technique

- Created my own and only in the world method of achieving 8+ weeks retention

- Spent years researching cyanoacrylate lash glues & products, their working mechanisms and environmental factors on molecular levels

- I have completed over 35 lash courses and I know for sure how to teach effectively so a student can achieve results after 1 training

Who am I?

- Master lash stylist & qualified trainer with over 8 years experience

- Founder of Lash Secrets Professional store, Lash Secrets Studio & Lash Secrets Academy

- International Judge & awarded Judge of the year 2021 by Artistic Fur Awards

- Lash Blogger


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