Discover 20 factors that will either make or
break your retention!

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This guide is an introduction to the lash retention art! Its purpose is to give you a full idea of absolutely all factors that can affect your retention, identify possible gaps in what you already know about your glue and find the missing puzzle which prevents you from achieving better results in your work!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced lash stylist - I am sure you will benefit from this guide and will learn about things you have never been taught before!

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who needs This guide:

This guide is a must have for you if you're struggling with retention, want to improve your results or are curious about science behind retention! If you have been looking at my Extreme Retention Online Course, but are quite dubious whether you will learn anything new and whether I can help you - this guide is 100% for you! It is a 45 pages long demo-version of my course and I guarantee you will love it :)

Student results:

my retention:

- I have taught over 3000 students offline & online

- Created my own ultra fast 3 - 5 second fanning technique

- Created my own and only in the world method of achieving 8+ weeks retention

- Spent years researching cyanoacrylate lash glues & products, their working mechanisms and environmental factors on molecular levels

- I have completed over 35 lash courses and I know for sure how to teach effectively so a student can achieve results after 1 training

Who am I?

- Master lash stylist & qualified trainer with over 8 years experience

- Founder of Lash Secrets Professional store, Lash Secrets Studio & Lash Secrets Academy

- International Judge & awarded Judge of the year 2021 by Artistic Fur Awards

- Lash Blogger

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