Are you a lash artist? And are you struggling with fanning? Still confused why your sets do not come out as full as someone else's? And finally, do you want to learn SPEEDY and EASY fanning techniques that will take your sets & application to a whole new level? Say no more! This course was made right for YOU.

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How will the course help you?

Fan in 3 different techniques: pinching, on a sticky dot, in wiggle technique

Reduce your application time, meaning you will be able to work less or fit more clients and increase your prices

Understand the secrets of creating different effects (e.g.fluffy vs neat, dense and dark) by using fan geometry rules

Create fans in as little as 2-7 seconds

Identify good quality vs poor quality tweezers and lash fibers

Use correct glue pickup techniques like micro drop & double dipping technique without your fans closing

Understand types and functions of different tweezers and lashes meaning you won't waste time & money blindly trying different products

Apart from solid theory & demonstrations I'm sharing tons of TIPS that I have been collecting during years of practice, that make my work easier!

did you know that fanning is the most time consuming part of lashing? And that by only cutting 5 seconds spent on each fan you can reduce your application time by at least 25 minutes?!

The Perfect Fan 2.0 course covers 3 FASTEST techniques that can make your lashing a lot easier!
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The Course covers:

1. Introduction
In this module I'm telling a bit about myself and the course.

1.1 Hygiene - this submodule covers everything you need to know about safe and hygienic application of fans made in pinching (and other) techniques.
2. Perfect Fan Geometry
2.1 DimensionsCovers different thicknesses of lashes and when they can be used, for what type of volume and on what natural lashes.

2.2 Types of bases
Covers different kinds of fan bases: twisted base, flat base and stacked base, when to use them and how to apply them correctly to achieve the best results.

2.3 GeometryCovers exact parameters of a perfect fan and it's 3 extremely important zones.

2.4 Recommended fan widthCovers types of widths of different volume fans to achieve different effects: fluffy and airy vs dense, dark and neat.
3. Pinching Technique
This module covers my signature and super fast pinching technique.

3.1 Overall description and techniqueIn this submodule I'm talking you through the rules and steps of creating a fan in this technique, how to create different kinds of fans and my tips.

3.2 Troubleshooting
You will learn about different possible issues that may occur and mistakes that lead to them.

4. Fanning on sticky dot
In this module you will learn about a super easy fanning on sticky dot technique! It is a lot easier than traditional fanning on strip technique, but the same method can be applied to strip too!

4.1 Overall description and technique
In this submodule I'm talking you through the rules and steps of creating a fan in this technique, how to create different kinds of fans and my tips.

4.2 Troubleshooting
You will learn about different possible issues that may occur and mistakes that lead to them.

5. Work with the glue drop
It's not enough just to create a great fan - incorrect glue pickup may easily ruin it!

5.1 The glue drop
You will learn about your glue drop and rules of working with it, e.g. its shape, functions and best surface.

5.2 Glue pick up
You will learn different kinds of pick up techniques:
- Basic pickup
- Micro drop pickup
- Double dipping technique (to stop fans closing)
- Classic glue pickup

as well as common mistakes

6. Tweezers
50% of fanning issues are down to poor technique and other 50% down to poor tweezers.
After this module you will know everything about this important tool!

6.1 Types of grips
Covers 2 types of grips: soft and tight and techniques that should be used with them.

6.2 Quality of tweezers
You will learn how to identify poor vs great quality tweezers.

6.3 Hand testing
You will understand the process of hand testing tweezers to identify a working pair from a faulty one.

6.4 Tweezer aftercare
You will learn about the rules and mistakes of your tweezer aftercare to insure your favorite pair lasts you as long as possible!

6.5 How to clean tweezers
You will understand the difference between sterilization and disinfection and I will share my favorite tweezer disinfection technique.

7. Lashes and Fibers
Yet again, your products play an essential part in your lashing success. This module is all about the lashes and fibers!

7.1 Types of lashes, fiber and stripsIn this module you will learn the difference between different kinds of lash fibers and their properties, as well as different options like types of strips, backs etc.

7.2 Quality of fiberThe easiness of fanning and your final result (look) depends on the quality of the lashes you use. You will learn about all criterias of perfect lash fiber, as well as will learn to identify the perfect type of lashes just for you and your technique!
8. Practicing
This module is the final, here I'm sharing my practicing tips and recommendations for the best results after completion of the course!
BONUS: Speedy 2D's in wiggle technique
This is an additional lesson that covers super speedy 2D volume fan formation. 2D is becoming very popular as it gives similar results as classics but is lighter, has better retention and gets much softer and fluffier appearance.

This e-book contains full and detailed information covered in the course and can be downloaded to stay for you!


24 video lessons
Includes video lectures with presentations and photos as well as separate demonstration videos. Overall length: ~ 3h 30m. All lessons are split by topics into short, simple lectures.
Certificate sent to your email after completion of the course.
3 months access to the virtual classroom

Immediate 3 months unlimited access. Watch anytime, anywhere and using any device! Remember: the manual with full course content will stay with you!

Unlimited online support from myself
Should you have any questions during the course or after you are free to reach out to your tutor (myself) for help or advice!
You will receive 19 client forms including waivers, patch test forms, client record cards and consultation forms in various designs, practicing sheets for FREE!
Students also get 20% off towards their next online course!

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