Discover the science behind the lash retention & glue work in different conditions

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My course will enable you to achieve the best possible lash retention on your clients and be able to make ANY glue work for you by understanding the chemical processes behind lashing.

This course is a STEP BY STEP guide where I open all of my secrets and knowledge of achieving extreme retention!

It explains why and how lash extensions CAN last for 8+ weeks and contains answers to all of your questions based on science and real examples!

Stop finding excuses of your lashes not lasting a nd believing endless myths about lash retention and adhesives.

Hormones, pregnancy, acidosis, oily skin etc are NOT an issue if you know what to do!

You want to stand out from the competitors & become a demanded and highly paid lash professional
You are a newly qualified lash stylist, experienced lash stylist or a trainer looking to expand your knowledge and find answers to your questions
Your clients have poor, inconsistent retention and leave
You are experiencing difficulties with your glue work , such as the lashes not grabbing, sliding, popping off etc.
You have tried numerous lash products, attended multiple courses and feel you have tried everything, but you have no results
You have good retention, but want it even better to attract new clien'ts
You can not increase your prices because you are not confident in your work

Who is the course for?

The course is suitable for you, if

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Do you still think that you know it all?

After the course you will be able to:

Have no more "bad glue days"

Increase your lash retention to up to 8 weeks

Increase your lashing speed and reduce application time

Stop dreading of getting messages like "my lashes are falling off"

Increase your client base

Adjust your glue speed in different environment

Fully understand how and when to use (and not to use) certain products to increase your retention

Stop wasting money on trying multiple glues & products

Increase your prices, therefore income

Are you afraid to buy yet another course just to waste your time and money on 0 useful information?

This is NOT about us. We guarantee that the course is packed with very in-depth and detailed information that can not be found in any other course on the market. If you implement my methods you will see results on your 1st client.
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Gain the knowledge of how to achieve extreme lash retention today, use it tomorrow and get loyal clients that are ready to pay you more!

The course programme:

Lash life cycles
What are they and how long does each last? Based on this I'll prove that correctly applied lash extensions can last up 8-14 weeks!
Types of cyanoacrylates and their properties
You will learn about different types of cyanoacrylates used in eyelash extension adhesives. Based on this you will be able to choose the right glue with the best retention.
Adhesive ingredients, functions and curing mechanism
The course breaks down and explains the cyanoacrylate adhesive science:
- what are the ingredients in the lash glues and what do they do?
- how exactly does a curing reaction happen?

It will hep you to understand how to feel and control your glue.
Important factors such as pH, temperature, humidity & air circulation
You will learn about how exactly all of these factors affect the glue work and quality of bond and why. This module will help you to understand your glue and control it with ease in different conditions.
Pre - treatment products and their pH, post-treatment products
You will learn about all types of pre and post treatment products such as shampoo, degreaser, primer, booster, super bonder etc., and most importantly you will understand how and when these products should and should not be used to increase your retention. There is a table which breaks down all types of pretreatment products, their properties and functions & pH levels.
Water based vs alcohol based products
You will learn about the difference between water based and alcohol based products & how to identify it by looking at the ingredients on the bottle. This will allow you to choose the best products that won't be affecting your retention in a negative way.
Preparation of natural lashes
This module contains a full step by step guide on how to correctly prepare your client's natural lashes before the treatment.
Surface of natural lash
You will learn about different types of natural lashes and their surfaces, how it can affect your glue performance & how to fix it.
Types of glues
You will learn about different types of glues and how to choose the right one for yourself.
This module covers all types of equipment used to control your room environment and how to choose them for your room.
All possible issues with glue and their solutions
All possible issues, their signs and solutions are collected for you in one module to make it even easier for you. Just find yours and know what to do right away!
Glue pick-up
This module covers correct & incorrect work with glue drop, adhesive pick-up, double dipping technique, work with micro drop and more!
Types of bases (russian volume fans)
This topic is essential for correct application technique. It covers twisted base, flat base and stacked base and how to apply them correctly to achieve the best results.
Application techniques: the hook method & locking technique
I have 2 secret techniques that help me to get unbelievable retention on my clients: the hook method for Classic application and locking technique for Russian volume.
Possible reactions to lash extensions
You will learn about allergic reactions and chemical burns, their signs and causes, how to identify the difference between each and your actions (no medical advice will be given).
Other factors affecting retention and how to eliminate them
Unfortunately room conditions and preparation are not the only factors causing poor retention and glue issues. I have summed up all other possible reasons of poor retention on your clients and how to eliminate them (where possible).

P.S. It won't be as basic as "poor aftercare"
Myths about lash extension glues
The internet is full of old and new myths about lash retention, I've collected all of them to prove you they are wrong, based on science of course!
You will receive full and detailed aftercare instructions & a template , will learn what to worry about the most and the little things to consider.
Final test
To pass the course and receive the certificate you will need to complete a test in your virtual classroom. It doesn't require practical case studies. The test consists of multiple choice questions and a few questions requiring written answers. No worries if you fail, you can retake it as many times as you need. This test is designed to make sure that you fully understand the topic.
List of products that I personally use & recommend
With the amount of choice on the market - I know how difficult it may be to pick the right product. To make it easier I've included a list of products that I personally use.
Humidity Table
On the course you will learn that in the same humidity but different temperature levels your glue will work differently, therefore you may need to increase or decrease one of them. This table will tell you exact levels of humidity required in a certain temperature (based on your norm) and the other way round.
I have spent years practicing, experimenting, researching and creating techniques that WORK & I have attended over 35 courses with world's TOP trainers to keep my work & education at the highest Russian standards.


After successful completion of the course assessment (online test), you will be issued with an electronic certificate!

- I have taught over 2000 students offline & online

- Created my own ultra fast 3 - 5 second fanning technique

- Created my own and only in the world method of achieving 8+ weeks retention

- Spent years researching cyanoacrylate lash glues & products, their working mechanisms and environmental factors on molecular levels

- I have completed over 35 lash courses and I know for sure how to teach effectively so a student can achieve results after 1 training

Who am I?

- Master lash stylist & qualified trainer with over 8 years experience

- Founder of Lash Secrets Professional store, Lash Secrets Studio & Lash Secrets Academy

- International Judge

- Lash Blogger

8 years researching and experimenting with glue and retention

Over 35 training courses with world's TOP lash trainers
Over £20K spent on education and testing different products & equipment
8000 SETS

Over 8000 lash sets completed

Hours reading and learning about the chemistry behind the lashing
Consultation with a famous chemist

now you will be Shocked!

It took me...

....only to find the secret of perfect retention!
Today I want to pass all my knowledge and experience to YOU for only £49.99 instead of £64.99


See what my students say!

I am proud to say that I have taught over 2000 students from all over the world, including well known trainers, brand owners and top lash stylists! Check out some of my student reviews :)


4 weeks


Regrowth removed


Downloadable. An in-depth
e-manual containing 63 pages of pure information with detailed photographs and schemes, which stays with you

What's in my course?

Video tutorials
- Work with a glue drop
- Correct vs incorrect glue pick up
- Double dipping technique (to prevent fans from closing)
- Fixing split base in the glue
- Locking technique (Russian volume)
- Classic application
- The "hook" method (classic application)
- Banana peel removal method
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Unlimited online support from myself

I'll guide you through any retention/glue issues and will happily consult you
on any course materials

3 months access to the virtual classroom
Immediate 3 months unlimited access
P.S. The course length depends on a student, but can be completed in 1 day. Access to the manual is UNLIMITED once downloaded.
You will receive 19 client forms including waivers, patch test forms, client record cards and consultation forms in various designs, practicing sheets for FREE!
Students also get 20% off towards their next online course!

I want to save my students not only from mistakes and pain in work, but also from the main mistake in life: giving up and not discovering the talent!

what if.....

...I am from a different country?
Not a problem! You can join my course from every part of the world!
...I think I already know everything and there i s nothing else you can teach me?
If so, you should have the same results as I do! :) A lot of information that I teach is usually not available on other lash courses. This is because a large part of it came from research, experimenting, practice and even consultation with a famous scientist! Not from another lash trainer!
...I'm wondering how long it will take me to complete a course?
It is very individual! You can complete it in 4 - 5 hours, or you can take weeks! It only depends on how much time you can dedicate to the course.
...I want to know how long will I have access to the course materials?
The access to the platform is 3 months from the date of purchase, which can be extended if needed. However, I would strongly suggest that you complete the course as reasonably quickly as possible, to achieve the best possible results
...I am very busy and I don't have much time to study?
Do you have 30 spare minutes a day? If so, you can complete the course in 7 - 10 days without a fuss!
...I want to know what methods your course is based on?
Science. All you need for perfect retention is to know how to achieve the strongest possible b ond between the natural lash and extension. Here the chemistry comes handy. If you work with the glue incorrectly, the bond will be poor. If you know how to control your glue and give it what it needs, the bond and retention will be extremely good!
....I don't believe you because I was taught that 8 weeks retention is impossible due to natural lash shedding cycles?
Natural lash cycle lasts ~3 months, which means that correctly applied lash extensions should last for this long until the last extension falls off. This is also covered in - depth on my course!
...I am worried that I will need to buy products that are expensive or are unavailable in my country?
The list of products that I recommend is included in the course, but there are no unusual, special or expensive products. If a certain brand is not available in your country, you can use any other local brand at your convenience. On the course you will learn how to choose products correctly, what to look at in the ingredients and how to test your products at home.
...I have already done a similar course with someone else, but I didn't get any results?
I can't speak for other trainers or courses, but I know there are only 3 reasons for this happening:

1. Poor amount of information given by the trainer, false information or very basic information with no in - depth explanations
Our say: all the information and methods I give to my students are based on facts and science and used by myself. Every topic is bro ken down extremely in depth.

2. Poor, incorrectly built educational programme, difficult to understand training methods or/and no personal ongoing support Our say: I am a qualified trainer myself and all my training programs are created with help of a profe ssional methodologist to ensure an efficient learning process.

3. Student attends the training, understands the trainer, but does not accept or use the information given in the course. Our say: Here everything depends on yourself! It is important that you n ot only complete the course, but also implement the information and trust your trainer!
...I need to know the price of your course in my currency?
The course price including the discount is £49.99 (British Pound Sterling) which is equivalent to ap proximately EUR 59, USD 69 or CAD 87, depending on exchange rates in your bank.


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