The VIP Lash Club

"The Lash Club" is a chat made exclusively for students who have completed my Turbo Upgrade Online Course package. The access is unlimited.

Why join the chat?

- Students that have completed my programme can communicate and support each other, as well as share their experience with different products, brands, techniques etc.

- You will get more motivation by working in a group and sharing your lash struggles and achievements.

- You can ask absolutely ANY questions in this private group and get feedback from other members & mentoring from myself.

- I will be answering and clarifying questions & sharing/updating more information related to the course topics.

Important: please note you must actively participate for best results. If you have questions, are not sure of anything - please ask your questions here. Only this way we can work in a group, build a community and get the best possible results from the course.

How it works?

1. Download the messenger called "Telegram" to your smartphone

2. Click EACH button below and join the group chat & channel*

* the channel is where you can view all of my group posts/replies/videos/photos/updates separately so they don't get mixed together

3. Participate!