Turbo Upgrade Online Course
After the course you will be able to:
Have no more "bad glue days"

Increase your lash retention to up to 8 weeks

Fully understand how and when to use (and not to use) certain products to increase your retention

Fully control your adhesive and retention

Increase your lashing speed and reduce application time

Increase your prices, therefore income

Increase your client base

Use the secrets of creating different effects (e.g.fluffy vs neat, dense and dark) by using fan geometry rules

Identify good quality vs poor quality tweezers and lash fibers

Understand types and functions of different tweezers and lashes meaning you won't waste time & money blindly trying different products

Easily assess and identify 18 different eye shapes and know how to work with them for best results

Achieve desired effects & avoid unwanted ones

Achieve the most perfect lash line

Understand and use the principles of layering, types of distances from the lid & directions for neatest application.

The course covers:
Are you not quite satisfied with your original training?
Or are you an experienced lash artist looking to update your knowledge to the latest standards?
Well, here is your chance!

TURBO UPGRADE online course consists out of 3 most popular courses combined together:

- Perfect Fan 2.0
- Extreme Retention
- Styling and Mapping

and covers everything to take your work to the highest level!
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Apart from solid theory & demonstrations I'm sharing tons of TIPS that I have been collecting during years of practice, that make my work easier!

This course also includes an EXCLUSIVE access to our VIP Lash Club. This is a support chat where students communicate, share tips & experience and receive mentoring, updates and answers to questions from myself.

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Lash life cycles
What are they and how long does each last? Based on this I'll prove that correctly applied lash extensions can last up 8-14 weeks!
Types of cyanoacrylates and their properties
You will learn about different types of cyanoacrylates used in eyelash extension adhesives. Based on this you will be able to choose the right glue with the best retention.
Adhesive ingredients, functions and curing mechanism
The course breaks down and explains the cyanoacrylate adhesive science:
- what are the ingredients in the lash glues and what do they do?
- how exactly does a curing reaction happen?

It will hep you to understand how to feel and control your glue.
Important factors such as pH, temperature, humidity & air circulation
You will learn about how exactly all of these factors affect the glue work and quality of bond and why. This module will help you to understand your glue and control it with ease in different conditions.
Pre - treatment products and their pH, post-treatment products
You will learn about all types of pre and post treatment products such as shampoo, degreaser, primer, booster, super bonder etc., and most importantly you will understand how and when these products should and should not be used to increase your retention. There is a table which breaks down all types of pretreatment products, their properties and functions & pH levels.
Water based vs alcohol based products
You will learn about the difference between water based and alcohol based products & how to identify it by looking at the ingredients on the bottle. This will allow you to choose the best products that won't be affecting your retention in a negative way.
Preparation of natural lashes
This module contains a full step by step guide on how to correctly prepare your client's natural lashes before the treatment.
Surface of natural lash
You will learn about different types of natural lashes and their surfaces, how it can affect your glue performance & how to fix it.
Types of glues
You will learn about different types of glues and how to choose the right one for yourself.
This module covers all types of equipment used to control your room environment and how to choose them for your room.
All possible issues with glue and their solutions
All possible issues, their signs and solutions are collected for you in one module to make it even easier for you. Just find yours and know what to do right away!
Work with the glue drop
It's not enough just to create a great fan - incorrect glue pickup may easily ruin it!

The glue drop
You will learn about your glue drop and rules of working with it, e.g. its shape, functions and best surface.

Glue pick up
You will learn different kinds of pick up techniques:
- Basic pickup
- Micro drop pickup
- Double dipping technique (to stop fans closing)
- Classic glue pickup

as well as common mistakes

Types of bases (russian volume fans)
This topic is essential for correct application technique. It covers twisted base, flat base and stacked base and how to apply them correctly to achieve the best results.
Application techniques: the hook method & locking technique
I have 2 secret techniques that help me to get unbelievable retention on my clients: the hook method for Classic application and locking technique for Russian volume.
Possible reactions to lash extensions
You will learn about allergic reactions and chemical burns, their signs and causes, how to identify the difference between each and your actions (no medical advice will be given).
Other factors affecting retention and how to eliminate them
Unfortunately room conditions and preparation are not the only factors causing poor retention and glue issues. I have summed up all other possible reasons of poor retention on your clients and how to eliminate them (where possible).

P.S. It won't be as basic as "poor aftercare"
Myths about lash extension glues
The internet is full of old and new myths about lash retention, I've collected all of them to prove you they are wrong, based on science of course!
You will receive full and detailed aftercare instructions & a template , will learn what to worry about the most and the little things to consider.
Final test
To pass the course and receive the certificate you will need to complete a test in your virtual classroom. It doesn't require practical case studies. The test consists of multiple choice questions and a few questions requiring written answers. No worries if you fail, you can retake it as many times as you need. This test is designed to make sure that you fully understand the topic.
List of products that I personally use & recommend
With the amount of choice on the market - I know how difficult it may be to pick the right product. To make it easier I've included a list of products that I personally use.
Humidity Table
On the course you will learn that in the same humidity but different temperature levels your glue will work differently, therefore you may need to increase or decrease one of them. This table will tell you exact levels of humidity required in a certain temperature (based on your norm) and the other way round.
This submodule covers everything you need to know about safe and hygienic application of fans made in pinching (and other) techniques.
Perfect Fan Geometry
This module covers everything you need to know about the parameters of your perfect fan:

Covers different thicknesses of lashes and when they can be used, for what type of volume and on what natural lashes.

Types of bases
Covers different kinds of fan bases: twisted base, flat base and stacked base, when to use them and how to apply them correctly to achieve the best results.

Covers exact parameters of a perfect fan and it's 3 extremely important zones.

Recommended fan width
Covers types of widths of different volume fans to achieve different effects: fluffy and airy vs dense, dark and neat.

Pinching Technique
This module covers my signature and super fast pinching technique.

Overall description and technique
In this submodule I'm talking you through the rules and steps of creating a fan in this technique, how to create different kinds of fans and my tips.

You will learn about different possible issues that may occur and mistakes that lead to them.

Fanning on sticky dot
In this module you will learn about a super easy fanning on sticky dot technique! It is a lot easier than traditional fanning on strip technique, but the same method can be applied to strip too!

Overall description and technique
In this submodule I'm talking you through the rules and steps of creating a fan in this technique, how to create different kinds of fans and my tips.

You will learn about different possible issues that may occur and mistakes that lead to them.

50% of fanning issues are down to poor technique and other 50% down to poor tweezers.
After this module you will know everything about this important tool!

Types of grips
Covers 2 types of grips: soft and tight and techniques that should be used with them.

Quality of tweezers
You will learn how to identify poor vs great quality tweezers.

Hand testing
You will understand the process of hand testing tweezers to identify a working pair from a faulty one.

Tweezer aftercare
You will learn about the rules and mistakes of your tweezer aftercare to insure your favorite pair lasts you as long as possible!

How to clean tweezers
You will understand the difference between sterilization and disinfection and I will share my favorite tweezer disinfection technique.

Lashes and Fibers
Yet again, your products play an essential part in your lashing success. This module is all about the lashes and fibers!

Types of lashes, fiber and strips
In this module you will learn the difference between different kinds of lash fibers and their properties, as well as different options like types of strips, backs etc.

Quality of fiber
The easiness of fanning and your final result (look) depends on the quality of the lashes you use. You will learn about all criterias of perfect lash fiber, as well as will learn to identify the perfect type of lashes just for you and your technique!
This module is the final, here I'm sharing my practicing tips and recommendations for the best results after completion of the course!
BONUS: Speedy 2D's in wiggle technique
This is an additional lesson that covers super speedy 2D volume fan formation. 2D is becoming very popular as it gives similar results as classics but is lighter, has better retention and gets much softer and fluffier appearance.
Eye shapes and types
This module covers 18 different eye types and shapes and how to work with them - do's & don'ts.

You'll learn
- how to identify each eye shape/type/feature
- about specialities of each eye shape/type/feature
- how to style each eye shape/type correctly & what to avoid

Styles & mappings
You will learn 13 detailed lash maps including:
x3 natural effects,
x3 dolly effects
x2 squirrel effects, cat eye effect
x2 fox effects,
eyeliner effect & reverse effect

Each effect and map includes full and detailed description, step by step guide + video tutorials for each.
Direction & perfect lash line
You will learn 3 types of directions used to compliment your styling as well as all aspects of achieving perfect lash line:
- perfect width of russian volume fans
- 3 types of layering
- 3 types of distances from the lid and when to use them
Styling guide & checklist
This is a step by step guide & consultation checklist on choosing the right style for each and every client.
Styling practicing sheets
These sheets will help you to practice and memorize your mappings.
The course includes
3 e-manuals
over 130 pages in total (downloadable)
Video tutorials
To cover demonstrations of practical parts and video lectures with presentations for perfect fan 2.0 course
3 certificates
(1 will require a test to be passed)
4 months access
Immediate 4 months unlimited access
Exclusive access to our VIP lash support club
"The Lash Club" is a chat made exclusively for students who have completed this course to communicate, work on their skills together and get mentroing from myself. The access is unlimited.
You will receive 19 client forms including waivers, patch test forms, client record cards and consultation forms in various designs, practicing sheets for FREE!

Students also get 20% off towards their next online course!

My retention:
4 weeks
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