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You probably already know that in the era of social media running your Instagram & Facebook pages is essential to successfully sell your lash services and attract more clients for higher prices.

Have you ever felt like you need to post something but you don't know what? Have no ideas what to write about? No inspiration? Don't understand what content is great and "selling" and what content is useless? And you keep limiting yourself with posts like "lashes for Emma" and outdated lash quotes?

I know your pain and for this reason I created this HUGE content plan to save your time, nerves and bring you more clients!

What will you get? Clients. Clients will bring you MONEY.

- What is a content plan?

It is a pre-made plan for your social media content, which covers the text part and visual part!

- So is it all pre-written for me to copy-paste it then?

Oh no, this would be a disaster as IG would be full of identical accounts then!

- So how does it work?

First, you will receive a full guide on:

  • What is quality content and why it is important?

  • Text content and visual content. All the how's, why's, do's and don'ts covered.

  • Top tips on making your content creation easier and more productive.

Then, you will find a chart of 300 topics for your posts: informational, promotional, entertaining (don't worry, it's all explained too). It can last you your whole lash career :)

Each topic includes recommendations and ideas on what to cover and include in your posts with examples and hints! (P.S. you might learn a lot from it too !) + recommendations on visual part of your content (photos, videos etc).

Basically, all you need to do is to download the plan, select topic, read description and write it in your own words and include your personal or professional opinion where applies!

- But is it really necessary? I think photos of my work on my Instagram are more than enough for clients to see my skills.

With the amount of competition around - absolutely. Right now clients do not only look at your work (they are not professionals, so how can they judge your skills and be sure you are a professional they need?). Clients also look for evidence and their fear solutions on your social media pages. If they don't find it - they leave.

You can be a 100 times champion, professor of lashing, the most amazing person with the most luxurious studio - if you don't show it, it does not exist for your clients. So they don't understand why you and why to pay you more than Karen from across the road.

- Got it. Okay, but why should I buy it from you, not someone else?

Great question! I am a person who has built a full client base using social media. Moreover, I have more than doubled my income by selling my info-products on Instagram and amount of my students is rapidly growing :)

I know what you're thinking right now so let's have this converstion:
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GBP £24.99
~$̶4̶9̶ $35 , depending on current exchange rates in your bank
What's included?
  • Content Plan
    54 Pages long E-book. Downloadable to stay with you forever!
  • 1 months access to download the file
    No need to rush, you will have a whole month to download your content plan after the payment. The file will stay for you forever!
  • 20% Discount
    Towards our online courses
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