Discover the science behind the lash retention up to 8+ weeks!

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My course will enable you to achieve the best possible lash retention on your clients and be able to make ANY glue work for you by understanding the chemical processes behind lashing.

This video course is a STEP BY STEP guide where I open all of my secrets and knowledge of achieving extreme retention!

It explains why and how lash extensions CAN last for 8+ weeks and contains answers to all of your questions based on science and real examples!

Stop finding excuses of your lashes not lasting and believing endless myths about lash retention and adhesives.

Hormones, pregnancy, acidosis, oily skin etc are NOT an issue if you know what to do!

You want to stand out from the competitors & become a demanded and highly paid lash professional
You are a newly qualified lash stylist, experienced lash stylist or a trainer looking to expand your knowledge and find answers to your questions
Your clients have poor, inconsistent retention and leave
You are experiencing difficulties with your glue work , such as the lashes not grabbing, sliding, popping off etc.
You have tried numerous lash products, attended multiple courses and feel you have tried everything, but you have no results
You have good retention, but want it even better to attract new clients
You can not increase your prices because you are not confident in your work

Who is the course for?

The course is suitable for you, if

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Do you still think that you know it all?

After the course you will be able to:

Have no more "bad glue days"

Increase your lash retention to up to 8 weeks

Increase your lashing speed and reduce application time

Stop dreading of getting messages like "my lashes are falling off"

Increase your client base

Adjust your glue speed in different environment

Fully understand how and when to use (and not to use) certain products to increase your retention

Stop wasting money on trying multiple glues & products

Increase your prices, therefore income

The original

This course was first created in 2020 being the first of this kind. My course also covers the most advanced information which I learnt through my own research, experiments and experience, rather than from another lash course, which makes it unique

Why should you choose my course?

Based on science
In this course you won't see anything like "do this because I say so". Everything I cover is supported by scientific explanations which will save you from doubts whether you should or shouldn't follow my recommendations. Moreover, understanding the science behind lashing will enable you to filter any information and advice given by anyone else
Professionally built programme
The course programme was built with the support of a professional methodologist in order to make the learning process most effective for you! The structure is logical, easy to follow and understand. I also took into account my previous experience teaching this topic and covered most questions that may arise!
Student support

Ability to ask questions is essential for students! For this reason you will get access to our private student support community where you will be able to seek support, ask any questions and communicate with other course students

Additional materials
Even though the access to the video lessons is limited (for motivational purposes) you will receive over 200 pages of supporting materials covering everything you've learnt on the course, as well as additional information. They include manuals and guides, different forms, scripts and posters
Easy & fast to watch
Watching a 5 hour lesson may be difficult, boring and time consuming, especially when a lot of information is off topic. In this case you will most likely not accept information well, therefore won't get results. For this reason my course contains 28 short, straight to the point 5-15 minute lessons which makes it easy to focus on and doesn't require much time
Warning: Beware of the copies! We had cases of this course being plagiarised at least 9 times by lash artists in different countries!

Are you afraid to buy yet another course just to waste your time and money on 0 useful information?

This is NOT about us. We guarantee that the course is packed with very in-depth and detailed information that can not be found in any other course on the market. If you implement my methods you will see results on your 1st client.
equivalent to approx EUR 113, USD 120 or CAD 163, depending on exchange rates in your bank
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GBP £199.99


Gain the knowledge of how to achieve extreme lash retention today, use it tomorrow and get loyal clients that are ready to pay you more!

The course programme:

• You will define your current position, understand the importance of retention and what affects it
• You will understand the course structure and how to study most effectively
• You will get some motivation and understand what results you can achieve on the course
Training e-manual (110+ pages)
Student support chat
Self analysis form to find mistakes and track progress
0.1 Welcome message & my retention story
0.2 Course instructions
0.3 Introduction to the topic
Your results:
Bonus materials:
• You will learn about differences in glues, their types, ingredients and their functions. Based on this you will be able to choose the best glue for yourself!
• You will fully understand the glue curing mechanism and what it needs to achieve extreme retention
Adhesive safety checklist
Demonstration showing the difference between correctly vs incorrectly cured glue using the microscope
2.1 What are the ingredients in your glue?
2.2 Glue curing mechanisms & science. What does your glue need for a perfect bond?
2.3 Glue specifications. How to find the best glue for yourself?
Your results:
Bonus materials:
• You will have a full understanding of all pre and post-treatment products, when to use them and what criteria they should meet in order to work and give you best results
• You will understand why your glue is not working, is sliding and not grabbing on some of your clients and how to fix it
• You will understand why you're having retention issues on certain clients and not on others, and how to stop it
Demonstrational video showing how to prepare natural lashes correctly
A full guide of all products that I use & recommend in various options, with detailed descriptions & links (29 pages)
3.1 What is pH and why is it so important for retention?
3.2 pH of natural lashes. How to define & correct it?
3.3 An in-depth knowledge of your lash liquids. What pH levels should your products have and how to test them?
3.4 How to prepare natural lashes correctly? When to use and not to use a primer?
3.5 Superbonder vs nano-mister. When should you use them and why?
Your results:
Bonus materials:
• You will be able to recognize and fix all possible issues with your glue & retention. At this point you will be able to fully manipulate with your adhesive
• You will be able to fully control your room environment and your glue throughout the year
• You will find out why your glue is not working as you expect it to even in a perfect room environment and how to fix it
• You will understand how your room temperature, humidity & air circulation affect retention and glue work
Full list of different types of equipment to control room environment, their placement rules and how to choose the right model
The temperature & humidity balance table
Bonus Lesson: How to keep the correct balance of your room temperature & humidity in emergency situations?
4.1 Humidity and temperature. How exactly do they affect your glue? What is the correct balance?
4.2 Air circulation in your room & working during different times of the year
4.3 How to control your room environment?
4.4 A straight to the point breakdown of any possible issues with glue and their solutions!
4.5 How to control any glue and make it work for you
Your results:
Bonus materials:
• You will learn how to protect yourself & your clients from glue fumes and how to recognise and avoid different types of reactions to the glue
• You will learn how to stop your fans from closing or falling apart
• You will learn my favourite locking technique which guarantees flawless retention even on clients with poor aftercare
• You will understand how to pick up the glue in different conditions & apply extensions on different types of natural lashes for best retention
Client agreement & patch testing forms
Demonstrational videos showing different glue pick-up & application techniques
Bonus Lesson: All possible reactions to the glue, their causes and how to avoid them
Bonus Lesson: How to protect your health when working with the glue?
5.1 Technical rules of working with glue
5.2 Glue usage & pickup techniques in different situations
5.3 Classic & russian volume application techniques: what to consider?
Your results:
Bonus materials:
• You will understand how to analyse your work & mistakes independently
• You will learn how to make your clients follow correct aftercare and show up with squeaky clean lashes
Self-control forms to check your progress & identify mistakes
Pre-care client reminder script
Aftercare script
Ready to use client aftercare guides
6.1 What aftercare & pre-care instructions to give to your clients & how to do it effectively?
6.2 Myths about glue & retention
6.3 Summing up the course into 10 main rules
Your results:
Bonus materials:
• You will be able to make any lashes look neat & tidy after weeks of wear without any damage
• You will professionally educate your clients about natural lash shedding
• You will understand why an 8 week lash retention is real
• You will know how to define all factors that affect retention which aren't under your control
Client consultation cards (various designs)
Poster: seasonal lash shedding
Poster: why do natural lashes shed and why is it normal?
Poster: why are infills necessary at 3-4 weeks?
Bonus Lesson: Adaptive lashing method
1.1 Natural lash growth cycles explained
1.2 Which factors may affect retention & are not under the lash stylist's or client's control?
Your results:
Bonus materials:
Checklist: "How to find the perfect lash glue?"
I have spent years practicing, experimenting, researching and creating techniques that WORK & I have attended over 35 courses with world's TOP trainers to keep my work & education at the highest Russian standards.


After successful completion of the course assessment (online test), you will be issued with an electronic certificate!


See what my students say!

I am proud to say that I have taught over 3900 students from all over the world, including well known trainers, brand owners and top lash stylists! Check out some of my student reviews :)

- I have taught over 3000 students offline & online

- Created my own ultra fast 3 - 5 second fanning technique

- Created my own and only in the world method of achieving 8+ weeks retention

- Spent years researching cyanoacrylate lash glues & products, their working mechanisms and environmental factors on molecular levels

- I have completed over 35 lash courses and I know for sure how to teach effectively so a student can achieve results after 1 training

Who am I?

- Master lash stylist & qualified trainer with over 8 years experience

- Founder of Lash Secrets Professional store, Lash Secrets Studio & Lash Secrets Academy

- International Judge & awarded Judge of the year 2021 by Artistic Fur Awards

- Lash Blogger

8 years researching and experimenting with glue and retention

Over 35 training courses with world's TOP lash trainers
Over £20K spent on education and testing different products & equipment
8000 SETS

Over 8000 lash sets completed

Hours reading and learning about the chemistry behind the lashing
Consultation with a famous chemist

now you will be Shocked!

It took me...

....only to find the secret of perfect retention!
Today I want to pass all my knowledge and experience to YOU for only £99.99 instead of £199.99


4 weeks


Regrowth removed

What's in my course?

Extreme Retention Course 3.0
equivalent to approx EUR 113, USD 120 or CAD 163, depending on exchange rates in your bank
What's Included:

• Immediate access
• 28 straight to the point video lectures with presentations (~3.5 hours overall length)
• Support & feedback in the student chat from myself
• Training manual containing full information (over 110 pages)
• Practical video demonstrations
• Over 25 additional downloadable materials: forms, scripts, posters, client cards, guides, checklists etc
• Easy to do yet effective homeworks
• 3 months access to the classroom (downloadables stay with you)
• Convenient app where you can watch the course
• Certificate
Premium Package


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